Trees Please is a multi-year effort by the East Hills Council of Neighbors to improve the condition of the Urban Forest in East Hills and surrounding areas. This effort has been led by residents with the most active "Tree Lady" being Carol Moore. In its first year, 2006, twenty-nine trees were planted and maintained thanks to funding from the DTE Energy Foundation, the Dyer-Ives Foundation and donations from residents. In 2007 fourteen trees were planted—funded entirely by resident donations. We are hoping to expand the effort to plant even more trees. Fundraising efforts are underway and residents are encouraged to participate. The East Hills Council of Neighbors is seeking matching grant funds that will double the number of trees they will be able to plant.


The purpose of the Trees Please project is: to maintain and enhance the urban forest to improve the environment and quality of life in the neighborhood; to enhance neighborhood residents’ awareness of the importance of trees and their skills in selecting, planting and maintaining trees; to promote community-building by involving residents in a visible neighborhood improvement project.

Benefits include:

  • Environmental benefits, including: reduced energy use, greater energy efficiency, carbon sequestration, oxygen production, erosion control, improve water quality, plant and animal biodiversity.
  • Quality of life benefits, including: enhanced attractiveness of the neighborhood, enhanced walkability, reduced noise and fresher air.
  • Community viability benefits, including: increased property values, increased involvement of residents in the community, and increased residents’ awareness about trees and skills for planting and maintaining trees.

The Council is asking block clubs to conduct tree surveys for their streets to identify types and conditions of current trees and gaps that require infill.

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