Diane Baum and Linda Balent founded the group in the 1980s. At first the group met every thursday night at someone's house/apartment to read poetry. There were no critiques. Poetry was to be earthy and oracular, not theory bound or rule wrapped. Politics were allowed. Passion also. Occasionally performances were created. Eventually, regular public readings were held at the Gaia Cafe on Diamond, the Reptile House and the Enclave on South Division, and other odd venues. Publications also cropped up, including Pay Up Deadbeat, Art Spontaneously Combusting, and Spud. Among the illustrious participants were Nate Butler, Robert J. Hutton, Teri Richards, Cathy Bouwsma, Chris Bouwsma, Bob Vance, Susan Bowman, Root Boy, Jason Jonker, Louis Villaire, Brenda Beerhorst, Stephen Durst, Rick Todd, Hugo Claudin, Chrissy Polinski, Donna Munro, Ericc Tascote, Mickey MacKenzie, Morgan Jarema, Mark Nickels,