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Through out the semester, I have been researching the history, geography, buildings, businesses, change in business, ect. of Wealthy Street from Paris to Eastern for my Civic Studio project. To better understand my stretch, several times I walked the street whether just my stretch or the entire length of Wealthy Street. The thumbnails shown to the right of this page are from one of those first walks, on just my small stretch of the road.

A personal reflection from a walk that encompassed the full length of Wealthy Street was documented at Otis Trip Along Wealthy.

Accessor images for all locations along Wealthy can be found by searching their address within the Viget. Interactive Wealthy Map is a more useful tool for finding specific locations, especially if the address is not known.

Visual Map Study is an extensive studio project that has tried to better understand how we we visualize data through the use of maps and optimize Viget's mapping format. It was through the Visual Map Study project that the Interactive Wealthy Map was developed.

Additional projects include: