Vern Ehlers is an alcoholic cocktail made with Jameson whiskey and Vernors ginger ale. It is named after Michigan's 3rd district representative from Grand Rapids, Vern Ehlers. Vernors was invented in Detroit.


This cocktail was originally concocted by Juan Garcia. His version is known as the "Vernors Herzog" and uses a different, secret, brand of whiskey.


The Meanwhile Bar was the first known establishment serving a Vern Ehlers, often featuring it as the daily special. It was introduced to the Meanwhile in a long thread about the bar in the forums at G-RAD. The first drink purchased at the Meanwhile was a Vern Ehlers by local NPR personality Kaomi Goetz. This will soon be an even more authentic Michigan drink, when the Irish Jameson whiskey will be able to be replaced by the whiskey made by New Holland Brewing Company. The new whiskey is to be bottled in spring 2008.