Viget is a wiki for the City of Grand Rapids, MI, established as a place to share the Citizens of Grand Rapids' collective knowledge of what currently is and has been a part of our fair city as well as a place to dream and theorize what it could be. Viget takes its's name from the city motto of Grand Rapids, Motu Viget, which is Latin for "strength through activity."


Viget was established in March 2007 by Michael Greene, Paul Wittenbraker, and George Wietor. Trannie Carter became a core member in August of that year. The project was created as a collaborative project of Civic Studio and G-RAD. In 2012, the project was picked up by the local Code for America Brigade Friendly Code, who breathed new life into it while converting the technical back end from MediaWiki to Local Wiki, a new platform designed specifically for city-based wikis. 

Getting Started on Viget

Check out this guide for getting involved with Viget!


Thank you to Friendly Code's Viget team for the initial conversion of Viget to LocalWiki, particularly Ben Rousch, AJ HekmanDave Brondsema, and Jonathan Pichot.


Find Viget's planning documents here