Wilcox Park is a park of the City of Grand Rapids featuring four tennis courts, a basketball court, a full playground, and open field space. It is adjacent to Aquinas College on the east.

Many times Wilcox park has been referraed to as "Amsterdam, Grand Rapids". Complete with drum circles and Hacky sack tournaments, the park has much to offer to all walks of life.

  • Size: 12.67 Acres
  • Est. 1911

One of several parks established after the 1911 $200,000 park bond passed.  Wilcox was named for FP Wilcox, who also bequeathed $10,000 to purchase additional lots.  Superintendant of Parks (1905-1928) Eugene Goebel designed the original layout.  A bath house and pool was built at the northern end in 1920, but by the 1950's it had been replaced by a shelter and adjoining wading pool. 

features and amenities

  • Tennis Courts - four
  • Enclosed Shelterhouse - with Restroom
  • Picnic Tables
  • Playground
  • Restrooms
  • Soccer Field
  • Ball Diamond
  • Basketball Court
  • Wading Pool

Geographic coordinates are 42.960097° N, 85.63066° WLatitude: 42°57′36.349″N
Longitude: 85°37′50.376″W
. Located in the Eastown Neighborhood of Grand Rapids.