The Women's Show was an annual event that took place at 10 Weston Gallery. Each year it had a different title (i.e., Eve of Kali, Womyn's Show, etc.) but the general program remained similar.

A group of local female singers, poets, and performers would organize themselves, compiling a unique program of performances which often featured more esoteric fare such as poetry readings, interpretive dancers, a drum circle, a brief runway-style fashion show, singer-songwriters, and Butoh dancers.

Annual Event Titles

"Goddess Fest" August 2000


Rachel Finan
Kaelyn Globig
Cathy Bowsma
Sarah Scott
Emily Kerkstra
Christine "Little Miss Winikitis"
Nicole Shepard
Kristina Rae
Heather Foster
Samantha Fox
Sarah Mayne
Ruth Bliss
Annie Vandenberg