2870 Holley Creek Road

Greeneville, TN 37745

Mission: "Our mission is to connect farms, food, and families by facilitating learning experiences to preserve farmland, natural resources, and sustainable agriculture practices to build a vibrant local food economy."

Vision: "Our vision is to be a leader in fostering a thriving, healthy community with a network of resources and education that keeps our agricultural heritage alive with a vibrant local food economy and innovative, sustainable farming practices"

Rural Resources has the great opportunity to make an example throughout the nation of what should be every town's local food system. Because of its prime location in the heartland of rural Tennessee through East Appalachia, they are blessed as America's own fertile crescent. Small farmers are plentiful throughout this region of the nation as well which gives communities in the greater Knoxville area the great opportunity to cut it's own economic systems transportation methods and aim to keep food coming into town within 100-miles of production to table. The generations before us have gradually turned food systems into a disconnected wave of cheap labor and long transportation methods to get food on the table. Fortunately with organizations such as Rural Resources, the aim to shift back to local and community farming is among us! There are Mobile Farmers' Market capabilities arising, opportunities of education on how to grow produce and even youth programs that Rural Resources is providing to achieve greatness within the decade and for future generations! Not only is locally produced food beneficial for the immediate economy, it also is fresher and far more nutritious than any store bought vegetable.

Basic Info

Type of Organization Non-profit
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Tel: (423) 636-8171

Email: [email protected]

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Issues of Focus

  • To Build opportunities for Teens, Families, & Local Agriculture by helping build the Farm & Food Learning Center.
  • Understand the Farm - Understand the Food

History of Organization

22 years ago in 1993 Rural Resources was formed by the Childress Family. Watt, Jennifer, Larry and Karen combined forces after a journey to learn and practice agriculture at their Grandfather Dobson's family farm. When they arrived they noticed the increasing rate of farmland being sold for development and decided to take action. Rural Resources was thus born to preserve the fertile land on Eastern Tennessee. The main location to this day is still on the Dobson Farm and celebrates heritage, a virtue to looked up upon for generations to come. 

Programs and Projects 

  • Farm Day Camp engages children in the delights of the farm including milking a cow, planting seeds, and exploring the outdoors
  • Four Seasons Grazing Club encourages better forage production and utilization through increased emphasis on grazing management
  • Farm & Food Teen Training Program involves teens in growing and cooking food and beginning farm & food related businesses.
  • Food Security Task Force gathers together organizations, agencies, churches, farmers, businesses, school systems, and high educaiton institutions that are working to address food insecurity.  The task force meets every so often and   is open to anyone.  Generally the groups meeting grow or work with folks who grow food, provide access and emergency access to food, and address food related health issues.

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