Coffeeology is a coffee shop on the UNCG campus on Tate Street. They are starting a new event called Art and Brunch every Saturday. The first show was April 1, 2023.

The art show is for local artists to show off and sell their artwork. Depending on what artists bring, they display their work at the tables that customers pass by on their way to order or sit down. Artists accept cash and online payments for their creations that vary from paintings and prints to jewelry and ceramics. 

As an artist who participated, I'm honored to be there at the their start. It was a great experience for me because I was able to share my art with so many people in a way I never have before. The art scene in Greensboro is actually quite small so having these events where anyone can join just to show off their art or make friends with outher artists is really wonderful.

Coffeeology manager and coordinater of this event, Nancy Mullins, said she believes it's "really important to have community based events" because it helps them connect and engage with local customers and artists. They say it is more than financially good decision. It's a good decision for the art community in Greensboro.

While this may be there first show of many, Mullins is already thinking about how to keep making it better. They say "It met expectations" and they knew it wasn't going to be "super busy" but it a step towards getting the word out. She mentions posting more advertisments, speciffically around Tate street.