Bargain Hunter: Victoria spa and nail

Located in: The Westover Gallery of Shops

Address1500 Mill St #102, Greensboro, NC 2740

Phone(336) 676-4535

Discount card Victoria nail Salon/Caitlin Cosner 

For a short Uber ride away and well worth it for the experience/ customer service is Victoria Spa owned by You. If you're looking for a manicure/ pedicure for a bargain hunter’s price Victorias is the place for you. 

Normally there are student Discounts just with proof of a Valid Student ID on Wednesdays. Due to the financial loss that COVID-19 has caused them, they are not doing any discounts for students or otherwise but they do offer a card to get $5 off after 5 services. They said once in-person classes resume and the students return back to campus they will consider offering the student discount again.

Indulgence: Anthony Vince Nail Spa

Located in: Friendly Center

Address800 Friendly Center Rd suite b, Greensboro, NC 27408

Phone(336) 218-5011


The experience at Anthony Vince Nail Spa, is an indulgence, From being offered wine to the extra massage and scrubs that are included in their pedicures/manicures. Even on your first visit to Anthony Vince Nail Spa, you will feel important and generally welcomed as if you are part of the family. And the View inside the building is just icing on the cake, with the chandeliers and the painted clouds make you truly feel like royalty.

So if you're looking for a relaxing/Royal experience then Anthony Vince Nail Spa is for you.

Inside Anthony Vince Nail Spa/ Caitlin Cosner 

Quick Fix: Tj Nails

Address2914 Randleman Rd, Greensboro, NC 27406

Phone(336) 691-1129


If you're looking for a quick fix manicure/ acrylic and not hours of relaxation then Tj nails is for you. The wait is long but the service is not. Upon Entrance, you sign your name and number on a waitlist and told they will call when they're available. They DO NOT take appointments and the prices vary on the amount of service you choose and the add ons you request. 
While their quality of work is okay, it is NOT an indulgence or a bargain hunter’s salon.