About Edgewater Village Apartments

Edgewater Village Apartments is a beautiful community to be a part of. It is located approximately ten minutes away from the airport. There are multiple stores and outlets that consist of gas stations, convenience stores, and restaurants. This place is perfect for people who have a rigorous lifestyle. There is also a transportation system that is located right in front of the entrance for those who need to ride the bus. There are many different amenities in this apartment complex such as a public pool, basketball court, animal park, recreational park, lakes, and amazon lockers for the residents.


The scenery is most beautiful during the summer and fall months. While entering the Edgewater village apartments there is a beautiful fountain in the middle of a lake that catches the eye instantly. It is a great welcome for those who are new and for current residents. There are about three or four other small lakes located within the community. It is a great place to walk and breathe fresh air while viewing the beautiful trees that change colors during fall. There are also benches for people to sit on that are located right by the lakes so that people can have the option of sitting down and taking in nature.



There is a huge variety of animals that are seen in this area such as geese, birds, squirrels, deer, fish, stray cats, and Great blue herons. Great blue herons are a sight to see as they hunt for fish. The animals are not dangerous and make the environment even more welcoming. Wildlife brings the environment a sense of peace and safety. Many residents enjoy watching the animals enjoy their natural habitat. Sometimes they take it upon themselves to leave food out for the stray cats that roam around throughout the community to express their appreciation. 

A Great blue heron was spotted roaming the community in search of food in Greensboro, N.C. on Tuesday, November 8th, 2022 at 4:47 p.m.