4302 Starmount Dr. Greensboro, NC 27410


Hamilton Lakes Park is a 60 acre neighborhood park that is privately owned. It has a loop trail that consists of large trees and an unpaved trail. There is both a river located in the park as well as a large lake and playground. There is limited parking in a gravel parking area. There are no public facilities. Across from Hamilton Lakes Park you will find Lake Euphemia which is another small park that contains a lake.

There are no restrooms at the park. There are many benches to rest or sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery and there are also tables at the playground on the northern end that allow for rest or a picnic. The park is dog friendly but all dogs need to be kept on leash.

The creation of Hamilton Lakes began in 1920, by A.M. Scales with the intention of being a neighborhood of extremely expensive houses, but after World War II the creation became more modest. 

Rules and Regulations:

The city of Greensboro Parks and Recreation shared this link noting the rules and regulations of parks and recreational areas that are outside or within the city limits. Topics covered included alcoholic beverages, commercial activities, photography and preservation of departmental property.

Owners Association:

Hamilton Lakes and Parks, Inc. is an owners association that is voluntary. They help to maintain the walking trails around Lake Hamilton and Euphemia. This means that the grounds are not maintained by the City of Greensboro and because of this the organization has annual dues that help with the cost of maintenance. For more information and contact you can click this link.

Bird Watching:

One popular activity at the park is bird watching. Because of the mix of pined forest with a dense undergrowth many different bird species can be seen year-round, but despite this the best times to watch for birds would be during migration and summer. For more information on birdwatching in this location and for the types of bird you can see click this link.