Lake Daniel Park

Lake Daniel Park is located in Greensboro, NC and consists of about 80 acres of land. This park contains a playground, a tennis court, a full size basketball court, and a trail to walk along. The park trail is a part of the greenway and is a 1-mile round trip. This trail has great views as it stretches alongside the creek.


The playground has many different aspects that make it a great place to bring your family. This playground has swing sets, a rock wall, a tunnel, monkey bars, and a slide that goes in a circle. The playground can be found right off the trail next to the tennis court. Right beside the playground there are picnic tables, water fountains, and restrooms.

The Playground at Lake Daniel Park, photo by Sean Farrelly

Tennis Court

Lake Daniel Park contains a tennis court that is open to the public to use for free. Tennis rackets and tennis balls are not provided, players must bring their own. There are 3 separate courts, all surrounded by a metal fence to prevent tennis balls from getting lost. The tennis court is located right off the trail near the playground. More information about the tennis court can be found at

On the opposite side of the park, there is a full size basketball courts complete with rims and nets. This court is well maintained and people can be seen playing basketball here often. The court can be found right off the trail, across the street from the playground and tennis court.

The basketball court at Lake Daniel Park, photo by Sean Farrelly


410 Mimosa Dr, Greensboro, NC