The Rawk is a UNCG tradition that was founded in 1973 by Alpha Phi Omega. It’s a large boulder used by students to notify each other of upcoming events. On average, The Rawk is repainted about once a week on average. The Rawk was originally named after Rawkin' Welcome Week.


The Rawk is found on UNCG’s main campus. It sits between the library, the dining hall, and the Quad dormitories. Originally, it was placed where the fountain outside the Dining Hall can be found today. Currently, it sits next to the Clock Tower, the home of another UNCG tradition. 


The rules for decorating The Rawk are quite simple. One must keep art respectful, without any foul language or bullying. One must also wait at least 24 hours before painting over whatever has last been painted. In order to keep track of how long it’s been since the last painting, there are two rocks next to the main Rawk. Their purpose is to be a place to record the date and time in which the Rawk was last painted. 

Popular Paintings

There are some themes seen on The Rawk quite often. Sororities and fraternities use The Rawk to announce social events and fundraisers they have planned. Once a year, certain sororities will also stay on The Rawk for three days as a fundraiser. At that time, there will be at least one sister from the sorority on The Rawk for a full 72 hours. The sisters take shifts to sit on The Rawk, according to Abby Wilcox of Alpha Chi Omega. During events such as Homecoming, there will be announcements for things happening around campus. There are also birthday shoutouts from time to time. Students will also decorate The Rawk with words of encouragement, often during midterms and finals seasons.