WUAG 103.1 is the college radio station based in the heart of UNC Greensboro. It has been an implemented tool for learning and local music sharing for over 50 years, with the first broadcast being in 1964. 


Radio Operation

The station is fully student operated, with a regular rotation of college student DJs sharing their personal music favorites or entertaining talk shows. Some students volunteer their time to run an hour-long show, while others are registered in a course that requires a certain amount of hours in the radio booth.


Music Rotation

Students may run the music for their show through their personal music devices or playlist streaming services, but there are hundreds of vinyl records as well as CDs available to be played on the radio. Local and upcoming artists utilize WUAG as a resource for airtime, where they can potentially get some time to be played or even live performances through the station. The student DJs personally review the records that are sent to the station and then they determine how to group them, and whether they should be aired on the radio.


Local Involvement 

In addition to the marketing through stickers on light poles or laptops, WUAG stays connected to the campus and general community in several ways. Each fall they host live performances in the form of Spookapalooza, a Halloween themed, evening showcase of local bands. It is hosted on the UNCG campus but is open to the public. The DJ recruitment in the fall is also open to community members with interest in the radio, although they are not enrolled as students. However, that is not common and is shared by word of mouth to those with previous experience mainly.