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Alden Little House, 82 State St.

George N. Alden House, 17 Arnold Place

Rotch-Jones-Duff House and Garden Museum

(William Rotch, Jr. House) 396 County St.

Andrew Gerrish Jr. House, 398 County St.

Gilbert Russell House, 405 County St.


Andrew Pierce House, 99 Madison St.

Grenvllle H. and Agnes R. Hayes House, 8 Irving St. Samuel H. Cook House, 97 Madison St.

Anna Rotch Stone House, 35 Arnold St.


Samuel Ivers House, 448 County St.


Henry H. Forbes House, 1111 Pleasant St.

Samuel Lumbard House, 163 Cottage St.

Barton Ricketson House, 401 County St.

Hosea Morrill Knowlton House, SE corner Cottage and Union Sts.

Samuel Rodman, Jr. House, 92 Spring St.

Barton Ricketson Jr. House, 28 Arnold St.


Samuel W. Rodman House, 412 County St.

Benjamin Anthony House, 98 Madison St.

Isaac B. Tompkins Jr. House, 691 County St.

Sarah Hunt Snow House, 6 Irving St.

Benjamin Cummings House, 411 County St.

Ivory Bartlett, Jr. House, 416 County St. Sarah Ingraham House, 1174 Pleasant St.

Benjamin H. Waite House, 139 Cottage St.


Sarah Willis Read House, 695 County St.

Benjamin Pittman House, 117 Cottage St.

J. Arthur Beauvais House, 404 County St.

Stephen N. Potter House, 81 State St.


J. Henry Herring House, 684 County St.

Swain "Studio,“ 19 Hawthorn St.

Cadwell-Shearman-Winslow House, 710 County St. 

James A. Fay House, 42 Pearl St.

Sylvanus G. Nye House, 132 School St.

Captain Abraham Gardner House, 97 State St.

James Arnold House (Wamsutta Club), 427 County St.


Captain Benjamin Clark House, Orchard and Hawthorn Sts.

James Foster House, 1107 Pleasant St.

Thatcher Hatch House, 1077 Pleasant St.

Captain Cornelius Howland House, 380 County St.

James Hammet House, 330 Union St. Thomas C. Lothrop House, 1049 Pleasant St.

Captain Fordyce Dennis Haskell House, Cottage and Union Sts.

James Henry Crocker Richmond House, 7 Irving St. Thomas H. Knowles House, 402 County St.

Captain Henry Taber House, 115 Orchard St.

James L. Wilber House, 73 State St. Tilson Bourne Denham House, 342 Union St.

Captain James L. Henry House, 92 State St.

James M. Lawton Jr. House, 80 State St. Timothy Ruggles Cushman House, 98 State St.

Captain James R. Bassett House, ? Pleasant St.

James Taylor House, 179 Cottage St.


Captain Steven Potter House, 479 County St.

Jireh Perry House, 435 County St. Walter S. Gordon House, 692 County St.

Catherine Melville Hoadley House, Madison and Orchard Sts.

Jireh Swift House, 96 Madison St. Willard Nye Jr. House, ? Arnold Place

Charles A. Galligan House, 34-36 Pearl St.

John A. Sawyer House, 24 Pearl St. William A. Congdon House, 720 County St.

Charles and Mary Cummings Almy House, 706 County St.

John Avery Parker Wing, 53 Willis St. William Beetle House, 732 County St.

Charles Russell Mansion, 1061 Pleasant St.

John P. Barker House, 155 Cottage St. William C. Coffin House, 27 Maple St.

Charles E. Davis House, 261 Walnut St.

Joseph B. Coggeshall House, 38 Campbell St. William J. Rotch Gothic Cottage, 9 Irving St.?

Charles E. E. Mosher House, 29 Arnold Place

Joseph D. Hall House, 42 Campbell St. William Macomber House, 74 State St.

Charles M. Tripp House, ? Cottage St.

Joseph Grinnell Mansion, 379 County St. William P. S. Cadwell House, 710 County St.

Charles R. Price House, 16 Arnold Place

Joseph R. Shiverick House, 442 County St. William R. Rodman Mansion, 388 County St.

Charles S. Randall House, Irving and Hawthorn Sts.

Joseph T. Smith House, 717 County St. William S. Davenport House, 124 Cottage St.

Charles W. Clifford House, SE corner Orchard and Clinton Sts.

Joshua Richmond House, 405 County St. William T. Cook House, 726 County St.

Christopher Taber House, 1104 Pleasant St.


William Tallman Russell House, 66 Russell St.

Corban B. Lucas House, 1115 Pleasant St.

Loum Snow House, 465 County St. Wilson I. Wordell House, 22 Arnold Place

Cornelius Grinnell House, 385 County St.

Lydia and Phoebe Russell House, 41 Campbell St. Wright Bolton House, 54 Campbell St.




Ebenezer Lothrop Foster Jr. House, 1050 Pleasant St.

Marcia Parker House, 413 County St. Zachariah Hillman House, 96 State St.

Edward B. Whiting House, 140 Cottage St.

Maria Bryant House, 130 School St.  

Edward Haskell house, Cottage and Union Sts.

Martin and Annie Bartley House, 6?? County St.  

Edward S. Taber House, 143 Cottage St.

Mary Howland House, 399 County St.  

Eliza Penniman York House, 70 Russell St.

Mary Lewis House, NE corner Union and Orchard Sts.  

Elizabeth K. and William H. Wood House, 408 County St.

Mayor Charles S. Ashley House, 93 State St.  

Ella F. Ivers House, ? Orchard St. (stucco house on corner)




Nathan and Polly Johnson House, 21 Seventh St.


Francis Bowman House, 68 State St.

Nathan D. Phinney House, 58 Arnold St.  

Frank G. Tripp House, 52 Arnold St.

Nathaniel B. Kerr House, 258 Walnut St.  

Frank R. Hadley House, 689 County St.

Nathaniel Jenney House, 38 Willis St.  

Frank R. Kirby House, 150 Cottage St.

Nehemiah Waterman House, 324 Union St.  

Frederick Damon House, 15 Arnold Place

Nicholas Howland House, 1086 Pleasant St.  

Frederick Swift House, 49 Orchard St.




Pardon Tillinghast House, 474 County St.  

George A. Bourne House, 716 County St.

Paul Howland II House (1), 46 Campbell St.  

George A. Smith House, 89 State St.

Paul Howland II House (2), 91 State St.  

George Bartlett House, 414 County St.

Paul Howland II House (3), 94 State St.  

George Cannon House, 34 Willis St.



George F. Kingman House, 159 Cottage St.

R. Manning Gibbs House, 121 Cottage St.  

George M. Haskell House, ? Cottage St.

Rotch Gothic Cottage Addition, 113 Cottage St.  

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