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The "Haddonfield NJ" wiki is an online encyclopedia for Haddonfield, New Jersey, USA.

The hope is that it will serve as a comprehensive, reliable, accessible, current, and wonderfully useful source of information for everything Haddonfield, from A to Z.


Haddonfield NJ is free and open to everyone, everywhere. All who want to learn about life in Haddonfield are encouraged to visit often, at LocalWiki.org/haddonfield.

To explore Haddonfield NJ, simply click on the "Explore" button to the right of "Haddonfield NJ." (The project is in its infancy, so right now you won't find much. But new content is added and updated frequently.)

To search Haddonfield NJ, simply enter a term in the "Search Haddonfield NJ" box at the top left.


This wiki is intended to be an A-to-Z encyclopedia of the notable people, places, and things of Haddonfield, New Jersey. Therefore … please DO NOT POST comments about issues, or publicity for coming events on this wiki. Doing so only dilutes the utility of the encyclopedia. (An online vehicle where such content will be welcomed – HaddonfieldSOUP – is in development.)

And please do not post any content that does not relate to Haddonfield.

If you are intending to create a page for a Haddonfield nonprofit organization, check 65 Club first, and consider using its format as a template.


Because Haddonfield NJ uses "wiki" technology, visitors can not only read the existing entries but also edit existing entries and write new entries. In fact, the enthusiastic but thoughtful writing of new entries is essential to the success of the project, as is the careful and appropriate editing of existing entries.

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All who have knowledge about Haddonfield are encouraged to contribute new content and edit existing pages – but you must abide by the LocalWiki terms of use. Content that violates the terms of use, or that does not relate to Haddonfield, New Jersey, will be removed, so please don't waste your own time, and that of others, by posting inappropriate content.

Want to write? The project sponsor has provided a comprehensive but by no means complete A-to-Z list of more than 750 potential topics. Go get 'em! Haddonfield A to Z - Sheet1.pdf. (But first, please create an account. It will take just a minute.)

Learn about writing and editing for this wiki here: Creating a New Page. Editing a Page.


Please limit entries about Haddonfield events and Haddonfield issues to general descriptions of those events. Please do not include specific dates or other time-related details of coming events. The reason? Such details will become out-of-date relatively quickly, and will need to be removed, either by you or others. Please do not debate issues on this wiki. Other vehicles – What's On Haddonfield and HaddonfieldSOUP.com, for example – are better vehicles for publicizing coming events and discussing issues.


The Haddonfield NJ wiki was established in May 2015 by The Gumnut Group LLC, publishers of HaddonfieldSOUP and the What's On newspapers.


Email [email protected] or call 856-428-3399 and ask for David Hunter.