Haddonfield adopted the commission form of government in 1913.

  Mayor M    
  Revenue & Finance   RF  
  Public Affairs & Public Safety   PS  
  Public Works, Parks & Public Property   PW  
1913-15 Bayard C. Stavely   PW  
1913-21 Montreville Shinn   RF  
1913-21 Joseph K. Lippincott Jr M PS  
1915-17 Frederic C. Jussen   PW  
1917-33 Frederick T. Holloway   PW  
1921-25 Joseph K. Lippincott Jr M PS  
1925-33 Joseph K. Lippincott Jr M PS  
1921-37 Morris B. Clark   RF  
1933-37 Frederick T. Holloway M PS  
1933-44 Robert B. Chew   PW  
1937-44 G. Barrett Glover M PS  
1937-47 Alfred E. Driscoll   RF  
1944-49 Robert B. Chew M PW  
1944-49 F. Victor Westermaier   PS  
1947-57 Charles H. Evans   RF  
1949-53 Robert B. Chew   PW  
1949-53 F. Victor Westermaier M PS  
1953-57 Ernest A. Farrington M PS  
1953-57 F. Victor Westermaier   PW  
1957-58 W. Robert Davis   RF  
1957-65 Frederick S. Fox Jr   PW  
1957-65 Albert Boyd Sharp M PS  
1958-61 Edwin C. Pearson   RF  
1961-65 C. Franklin Fretz   RF  
1965-69 George Farrell III   PS  
1965-69 C. Franklin Fretz M RF  
1965-69 Eugene V. Hinski   PW  
1969-73 C. Franklin Fretz   PS  
1969-73 Eugene V. Hinski M PW  
1969-77 Raymond Wheeler   RF  
1973-77 Kenneth N. MacDonald   PS  
1973-77 William W. Reynolds Jr M PW  
1977 Theodore van den Beemt   RF  
1977 Kenneth N. MacDonald M PS Resigned upon being appointed to NJ Casino Control Commission.
1977-78 Lloyd D. Simonson   RF Appointed to fill vacancy created by resignation of Kenneth N. MacDonald.
1977-81 Theodore van den Beemt M PS  
1977-81 George M. Von Uffel   PW  
1978-81 John J. Tarditi Jr   RF Elected, initially, to follow Lloyd D. Simonson in serving balance of Kenneth N. MacDonald's term.
1981 William E. Reifsteck   PW  
1981-85 Theodore R. Dorn   PW  
1981-89 Edwin L. Spragg   RF  
1981-97 John J. Tarditi Jr M PS Longest-serving mayor (16 years).
1985-01 Letitia G. Colombi   PW  
1989-97 Theodore R. Dorn   RF  
1997-01 Theodore R. Dorn   PS  
1997-01 Eugene H. Kain Jr M RF  
2001-13 Letitia G. Colombi M PW First female commissioner. Longest-serving commissioner (28 years).
2001-05 John H. Reisner III   RF  
2001-05 John J. Tarditi Jr   PS  
2005-13 Edward F. Borden Jr   PS  
2005-09 Neal P. Rochford   RF  
2009-21 Jeffrey S. Kasko   RF  
2013-17 Jeffrey S. Kasko M RF  
2013-19 John Moscatelli   PW

Resigned, intending to relocate out of Haddonfield

2013-19 Neal P. Rochford   PS


2017-21 Neal P. Rochford M  


2019 Robert A. Marshall   PW

Appointed to Moscatelli's seat, until a special election on November 5

2019-21 Colleen Bianco Bezich   PS

Elected on November 5 for balance of Moscatelli's term (thru May 2021)

2019-21 Neal P. Rochford   PW


2021- Colleen Bianco Bezich M



2021- Francis T. Troy   PW  
2021- Kevin Roche   RF