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  • Not "aged," when associated with a number denoting a person's age.
    • Example: "She died on April 22, 2019, at age 98."
    • Example: "Taxpayers age 60 or older can get assistance …"

all (as in: All proceeds will go to ...)

  • Comment: "Proceeds will go to …" does the job. 

annual (as in: third annual 5-Mile Fun Run)

  • Lowercase, when it follows the number of years the event will have taken place. 
  • Exception: When it is part of the name of an event.
    • Example: the Markeim Arts Center's Members' Annual Art Show.

boat name

  • Italicize
  • Note: Set the prefix "USS" in roman. Example: USS United States

book name

  • Italicize

borough administrator

  • Capitalize when immediately preceding the administrator's name
    • Example: "Borough Commissioner Sharon McCullough"
    • Exception: " ... introduced the borough administrator, Sharon McCullough."

borough clerk

  • Capitalize when immediately preceding the clerk's name
    • Example: "Borough Clerk Deanna Bennett"
    • Exception: " ... introduced the borough clerk, Deanna Bennett."


  • Capitalize when part of the name of the institution or its building
    • Example: "Haddonfield United Methodist Church"; "Methodist Church"


  • Capitalize when immediately preceding the commissioner's name
    • Example: "… introduced Commissioner John Moscatelli."
    • Exception: " ... introduced the commissioner, John Moscatelli."

days and months 

  • Do not abbreviate, except when part of a date.
  • When part of a date, abbreviate to three letters
    • Example: "Mon Jul 4" 
  • No periods
  • Comma before year
    • Example:  "Wed Dec 25, 2019"

deputy mayor

  • No hyphen


  • No hyphen

email address

  • Set in lowercase italics

exhibit name

  • Set in double quotes

farmers market

  • Not: farmer's market or farmers' market
  • Comment: It's a market made up of farmers, not owned by farmers.

film name

  • Italicize

freewill (as in: freewill offering)

  • Not: free-will

fundraiser, fundraising

  • Not: fund-raiser or fund-raising


  • Not: Chanukah


  • Capitalize first word only
  • Exceptions: Proper nouns

The Honorable

  • Include and capitalize "The"
  • Do not abbreviate (to "Hon.")

lecture title

  • Set in double quotes

magazine name

  • Italicize


  • Capitalize when immediately preceding the mayor's name
    • Example: "… introduced Mayor Neal Rochford."
    • Exception: " ... introduced the mayor, Neal Rochford."


  • Not M.D.
  • Note: Dr. John Doe MD is redundant

newspaper name

  • Italicize


  • Not Ph.D

play name

  • Italicize


  • Do not use "raffle" unless you know that a permit has been or will be obtained.
  • Consider using "drawing" instead.

The Reverend

  • Include and capitalize "The"
  • Do not abbreviate (to "Rev.")

Rosh Hashana

ship name

  • Italicize
  • Note: Set the prefix "USS" in roman. Example: USS United States

song title

  • Set in double quotes.


  • Use USPS two-letter abbreviations, without periods and without a space.
    • Example:" NJ" – not: "N.J." or "N. J."
  • No comma between place name and state abbreviation.
    • Example: "Hadonfield NJ – not: "Haddonfield, NJ"
    • Exception: If, for some legitimate reason, the state name is set in full. Example: "Philadelphia, Pennsylvania"


  • Not :"T-shirt"


  • Acceptable abbreviation of "through"

time of day

  • am – not: "AM" or "A.M."  
  • pm – not: "PM" or "P.M."   
  • m – not: "Midnight" or "midnight" (except as a word in its own right)
  • n – not: "Noon" or "noon" (ditto)
  • 6am – not: "6:00am" or "6: am" or "6:00 A.M." (or any variant)
  • 6:30am – not: "6:30 am" or "6:30 A.M." (or any variant)
  • 12m – not: "12:00m" or "12:00 midnight" or 12am" (or any variant)
  • 12n – not: "12:00n" or "12:00 noon" or 12pm" (or any variant)
  • 9 to 10:30am – not: "9am to 10:30am"
  • 11:15am to 12:30pm


  • Not "town-wide"


  • Avoid
  • Use only if the thing described is actually one-of-a-kind
  • Never use "truly unique" 



domain names

  • Italicize 
  • Omit: "http://" and  "www," since they are part of a URL, not a domain name.


  • Lowercase
  • See also: web


  • Italicize
  • Include "http://" and "www"

web (as in :World Wide Web)

  • Lowercase
  • See also: internet


  • Not: web site or Web site or Website

website address

  • Omit "http://" and "www"
  • Italicize
  • Lowercase
    • Exception: Where the owner of the site uses caps. Example:
    • Exception: Where caps will enhance readability, typically in a long address. Example:


  • Courier-Post – include hyphen and italicize entire name
    • Not: The Courier-Post
  • The Haddonfield Sun – include and capitalize "The" and italicize entire name
  • Haddonfield Today – italicize
  • The Philadelphia Inquirer – include and capitalize "The" and italicize entire name
  • The Retrospect – include and capitalize "The" and italicize entire name
  • What's On Haddonfield [defunct] – italicize
  • What's On in Haddonfield [defunct predecessor to What's On Haddonfield] – italicize

Numbers and Symbols


  • No spaces. Lowercase "c."
  • Comment: Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code addresses the tax-exempt status of nonprofit organizations that may be tax-exempt if their primary activities are charitable, religious, educational, scientific, literary, testing for public safety, fostering amateur sports competition, preventing cruelty to children, or preventing cruelty to animals.

ampersand (&)

  • Avoid, except in names of organizations, when actually used by them.
    • Examples: Remington & Vernick; Lenny, Vermaat & Leonard

area codes

  • Include as part of a phone number. No parentheses. Hyphen between groups of numbers.
    • Example: "856-555-1212". Not: "(856) 555-1212"

numbers generally

  • Use words for numbers zero through ten.
    • Exception: grades 1 to 3; 1st grade
  • Avoid starting a sentence with a number.

percent (%)

  • To save space, use "%" instead of "percent."


telephone extensions

  • Use lowercase "x" rather than "ext." for extensions, with a space before and after the "x."
    • Example: "856-555-1212 x 123"


  • No apostrophe,
  • Example: 1950s


  • American Legion Post 38 – no "#" before "38"
  • Bancroft – refers, collectively, to Bancroft NeuroHealth, its affiliates, and subsidiary corporations
  • Baptist Church – acceptable abbreviation for :First Baptist Church of Haddonfield
  • Central School, or Central – acceptable abbreviation for Haddonfield Central School
  • Christ the King Regional School – include "Regional"  
  • EMD – acceptable abbreviation for second and subsequent references to Evening Membership Department of The Haddon Fortnightly
  • Haddon Field Club – not "Haddonfield Club"
  • Haddon Fire Company No. 1 – not "#1"
  • The Haddon Fortnightly – "The" is the first word of the name
  • Haddon School or, informally, Lizzy Haddon – acceptable abbreviation for Elizabeth Haddon Elementary School
  • Haddonfield Area Lions Club – "Area" was added in 2018 
  • Haddonfield Area Lions Club – not "Lions Club of Haddonfield"
  • Haddonfield Area Lions Club – no apostrophe in "Lions"
  • Haddonfield Education Association –  not "Educational"
  • Haddonfield Educational Trust – not "Education"
  • Haddonfield Farmers Market – no apostrophe
  • The Haddonfield Foundation – "The" is the first word of the name
  • Haddonfield Friends of the Library
  • Haddonfield Memorial High School – not: Haddonfield High School
  • Haddonfield Y's Men's Club
  • HATCH – acronym for Haddonfield Acts to Create Hadrosaurus
  • High School – acceptable abbreviation for Haddonfield Memorial High School
  • Historical Society of Haddonfield – not Haddonfield Historical Society
  • King's Road Brewing Company – with an apostrophe
  • Kiwanis Club of the Haddons
  • Leo Club – not: "Leos," "Leo's," or "Leos' "
  • Lions Club – see Haddonfield Area Lions Club
  • Lutheran Church – acceptable abbreviation for :Lutheran Church of Our Savior
  • Memorial High School, Haddondfield – correct name for Haddonfield Memorial High School
  • Methodist Church – acceptable abbreviation for Haddonfield United Methodist Church
  • Middle School – acceptable abbreviation for Haddonfield Middle School
  • Pick-Up Band – not: "Pick Up Band" or "PickUp Band"
  • Pick-Up Band – acceptable on first use, in lieu of Haddonfield Community Philharmonic and Marching Band Society
  • Presbyterian Church – acceptable abbreviation for :First Presbyterian Church of Haddonfield
  • Rotary Club of Haddonfield – "Rotary" is the first word, not "Haddonfield"
  • Tatem School or Tatem – acceptable abbreviation for J. F. Tatem Elementary School
    • Note periods and space in "J. F."
  • Zoning Board – acceptable abbreviation for Zoning Board of Adjustment


  • Aiken, Joan
  • Colombi, Letitia G. (Tish) – not "Columbi"
  • Goettelmann, Louis
  • Kaufmann, Harry T. – not  "Kauffmann," "Kauffman," or "Kaufman"
  • Madison, Dolley – include "e"
  • Mickle, Samuel – not "Mickel"


  • Crows Woods – no apostrophe
  • Firehouse – one word
  • Mabel Kay Senior Center – not "Mable"
  • Mabel Kay Senior Center – formerly "Mabel Kay Hospitality House at the Grange"
  • Meeting House – two words
  • PATCO Speedline – see: "Speedline"
  • PATCO Station
  • Samuel Mickle House – not "Hip Roof House," "Hipped Roof House," or any hyphenated variant
  • Samuel Mickle House (formerly known as the "Hip Roof House") – no hyphen
  • Speedline – not: "Hi-Speedline" or "High Speed Line"
  • Speedline – acceptable abbreviation for second and subsequent references to PATCO Speedline


  • Centre Street – not "Center"
  • Douglass Avenue – two s's
  • Kings Court – no apostrophe
  • Kings Highway – no apostrophe in "Kings"
  • Kings Highway East (or West) – see: Street Compass Points
  • Kings Lane – no apostrophe
  • Morehouse Lane – not  "Moorhouse" or "Moorehouse"
  • Treaty Elms Lane – "Elms" is plural
  • Trueman Avenue – include "e"
  • Veterans Lane – no apostrophe

Street Abbreviations

  • If appropriate, abbreviate Boulevard and Mount (with periods) – "Blvd." and "Mt."
  • Do not abbreviate: Avenue, Circle, Court, Drive, Lane, Road, Street, Way

Street Compass Points

  • Some streets on both sides of, and more or less perpendicular to, the PATCO Speedline are often designated as "East" or "West"
  • Abbreviate East and West (with periods) – "E." and "W."
  • Place the compass point before the street name.
    • Example: 123 E. Summit Avenue; 456 W. Mt. Vernon Avenue
      • Exception: Kings Highway. The compass points are placed before the name of the street.
        • Example: 123 Kings Highway E.; 456 Kings Hwy. W.
        • Trivia: In Cherry Hill, the compass designations are N. and S.
  • Some streets on both sides of, and more or less perpendicular to, Kings Highway are often designated as "North" or "South"
  • Abbreviate North and South (with periods): "N." and "S."
  • Place the compass point before the street name.
    • Example: "6 S. Haddon Avenue;" "56 N. Haddon Avenue"