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Welcome to the guided page of how to find Hike 203: Haunted Canyon Trail. 

The most difficult part of this trail (besides the directly uphill 3 mile begining to a 10 mile hike) is findin


g the actually trailhead. You have two options: 

1,  Once you get onto Pinto Valley Mind road, you cross over the bridge and take the first left. The road will take you to the trailhead, which is difficult to spot. There is a run down corral next to a small sign that says. Hike 203. This is the upper part of the hike, is very steep to begin with. 

This is the one lane bridge you will cross over right before the hike, To the right is a great camping spot, not many people come out this way, 


2. You can turn left and drive until  you see a forest service gate. It's most likely locked so you'll have to park outside of it. From there it's 1.5 miles to the trailhead. It's easy dirt road to walk, just adds distance to your trip. 

Beautiful views once your reach the top. 

The All trails map rates this hike as Moderate, but I disagree, Be prepared with plenty of equipment and good shoes.  This hike will wear out your animals too! Bring plenty of water for everyone involved. The trail is not maintained that well but well enough that you know where you are. Keep in mind that at an average pace this will be an all day hike if you choose to do the 10.5 mile round trip, and if you decide to start with the lower portion of the hike you will most likely not be able to get past the forest service gate--adding an additional 1.5 miles to your trip.


Tony's Ranch (Tony's Cabin) is technically forbidden property and you are not supposed to go there. However; many people stray from the beaten path to find the old, abandonned cabin. Makes for a great short backpacking trip, You can sleep in the cabin, if you dare. Add a caption