Come learn the cybernetic arts with us! We are a study-group style recurring event in east Hawaii for anyone interested in:

  • programming - javascript, python, shell scripts, web pages, whatever!
  • graphics - opengl/webgl, 3d, 2d, digital art installations, 3d modeling, CAD, animation
  • music - generative audio, experimental instruments, digital composition
  • electronics - circuits, kicad, arduino, esp8266, servos, sensors, wearable computing

This event is for all skill levels and all ages. If you are starting out, we can help you to figure out what to learn next. If you are more experienced, you can share what you're working on and learn what other folks are working on.

You should bring your computer and any supplies you'll need to get some work done. This event is about making, sharing, helping each other, and having fun.

When and where

The first ever cyber arts meetup will be held at The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in Kea'au on Friday the 16th of December, 2016 at 18:00.


Use this area to RSVP for the upcoming meetup on December 16th:

  • James Halliday - definitely going
  • Mikola Lysenko - definitely going
  • Marina K - going