The Hilo Public Library is a branch of the Hawaii State Public Library System located at 300 Waianuenue Ave in Hilo.

To get on the wireless internet, you need to have a library card number and a PIN that you enter into a captive portal. Library cards are a huge hassle to get because you need to have a Hawai`i ID card or proof of a mailing address, which can be very difficult to get in some areas with multi-year lines for PO Boxes or mailboxes. If you are considering hosting an event at the library where people will need internet access, like a localwiki edit party, the way that the internet and library card system works is a huge barrier that you will have to deal with. These onerous, unnecessary restrictions on access to information go against what libraries should stand for and disproportionately affect the poor who may need what libraries have to offer the most.

There is a guard near the entrance who looks ready and capable to exercise violence. I feel uneasy with this person looming around.