Hayward Main Library

Save the Old Hayward Library is a grassroots effort by the community to save our Main Library building from being torn down and dumped into the landfill.  We're in support of building the new library, but why tear down the old building?  Why not repurpose it to be used as a community and arts space?  Why spend $5-8 Million for a plaza, which will have no restrooms?

Hayward needs a creative community space!

PLEASE SIGN the ONLINE PETITION We need this BEFORE September 15th, 2015!

Please also Email the City Council in addition to signing the petition and let them know how you feel.

Here's an article written by Michael Wallace for the newspaper that tells more what this effort is about.

Our Response to the Friends of the Hayward Library Petition




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Meet Us and Get Involved!

We're currently meeting every Monday at 1:30 PM at Eko Coffee & Tea on B St. downtown.  Please join us!

We also need volunteers to get signatures at events (see below) and PLEASE tell everyone you know in the area to sign the online petition!

We need your support right now!

On Tuesday, September 15, at 7pm the Hayward City Council will sign the contract to start construction of a new $60+ million dollar Main Library.  The plan also includes tearing down the Old Library - built in the 1950’s - which will be replaced with a plaza and water collection system. The MINIMUM bid to build the plaza (no restrooms) with pavers is $5.2 million!

Mission Statement & Petition

Our mission is to improve and revitalize the Hayward community by providing an open place for art and community work created and presented by local artists, artisans, craftspeople, creators, and community members, organizations and artistic institutions.

We embrace the notion that everyone benefits from access to artistic and creative efforts in a convenient, aesthetic and accessible environment, and that using the existing Hayward Library as the site for a Hayward Creative Community Space once the new 21st Century Library is operational will directly enhance the plaza through these public uses.

PLEASE SIGN this PETITION so we can present it to the Hayward City Council on TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 15, at 7pm.

Please attend the meeting in City Hall, so you can hear the discussion and voice your opinion regarding how your tax dollars are being spent.


Costs for the New Hayward Library

This document shows the engineer's estimate and the various bids.  Here's some notes on the costs:

Item # Description











  Total Project Cost $46.5M $49.3M $51.4M $57.2M $58.6M
1 Area 1: Library Building $35.6M $29.2M $39.8M $46M $45.3M
2, 3

Area 2: Construction of Plaza

& Old Library Demolition

$5.9M $8.7M $5.6M $5.1M $5.85M
5 Area 3: Municipal Garage Improvements $0.85M $3.60M $0.99M $0.80M $1.16M


Garage Photovoltaic System $1.25M $1.67M $1.59M $1.93M $3.43M


Volunteers Needed!

We Need to spread the word and get lots of signatures before the City Council decides to pick a contractor to work on the whole library + plaza project.  Here are some dates where you can volunteer to go out in public and have people sign the petition.  Please sign up to our Google Group (link is above) and let us know if you'd like to help out or have any questions!

Farmer's Market

at Watkins at City Hall

Sat Aug 29, Sat Sept 5, Sat Sept 12

9:00am - 1:00pm

Jazz Concert

at Hayward Memorial Park

Sun Aug 30, Sun Sept 13

1:00pm - 5:00pm

Off the Grid Mobile Food Trucks

at City Hall

Mon Aug 31, Mon Sept 7, Mon Sept 14

5:00pm - 9:00pm

Vintage Alley Car Show

at B Street Downtown Hayward

Sat Sept 12

10:00am - 5:00pm

PLEASE ATTEND The City Council Meeting! Tues Sept 15, 7:00pm


Measure C

Here's more info about Measure C.  


To restore and maintain Hayward city services and facilities, including firefighting/emergency medical services; improving police protection for neighborhoods; replacing the aging library with a 21st century facility including safe space for after-school homework and tutoring; repairing potholes and streets; updating aging neighborhood fire stations; and other city services; shall the City of Hayward increase the sales tax by ½ percent, for twenty years only, providing locally controlled funding that cannot be taken by the State?

Of Note: There is NO mention anywhere in the summary, the full text of the measure, or the impartial analysis of any "plaza" or "park" to replace the existing library building. See the full text here.

Here's a Brochure for Measure C, the half-cent sales tax measure used to fund the new library, that the city distributed prior to the last election.  Is it clear to you that the old library will be torn down?  Or even that most of it will be used to fund a new library?  Police and fire figure prominently.