Hickory, North Carolina, housing around 40,381 residents, is a mid-sized city in the piedmont between Boone and Asheville. In addition to being nearly an hour away from Boone and Asheville, it is about a hour away from Charlotte too.

Although Boone, Asheville and Charlotte are all known for their amazing food and abundance of activities, Hickory has some hidden gems that locals love. Hickory has several unique restaurants that have been opened and run by locals and transplants. 

Here are four of the most famous, “Best Eats” -

1.)   Boca 

According to Executive Chef, Taylor Fisher, he said, "We are creatively infusing the traditional flavors of the Mediterranean with locally-sourced ingredients into an eclectic, unique menu."

This restaurant is the perfect place to celebrate a special occasion or have a romantic date night out!

 2.)   Fourk

This restaurant is considered unique and modern in the eyes of the locals and according to their website, “Everything we do has a bit of a twist, including the intentional misspelling of our name.”

So, if you are looking for a fun night out, try something different and come to Fourk!

 3.)   Café Rule & Wine Bar

Café Rule & Wine Bar likes to live by the motto, “Live life full. Taste is not waster”

When coming to Café Rule & Wine Bar you can expect a theme closely related to bikers and the thrill of riding, but also an elegant aroma, which helped them win “Best Ambiance, Restaurant” in Nov. 2016 by Open Table.

 4.)   Hatch Sandwichs 

From a personal perspective, Hatch is one of the best sandwich shops in Hickory. Its local, comfortable, and always has the best service.

According to their website they said, “Our goal is to create unique sandwiches, salads, and sides in a fun, local environment. We are grateful to serve our community and for the friendships we have made along the way.”


If you don't live in Hickory and are driving through, - maybe because you're going to the mountains- stop by and enjoy our hidden gems. There is much more to do other than trying food, so click here to go to the Hickory homepage and find out more!