The Petrified Forest National Park is Located right outside of Holbrook, Arizona, USA.  The park is extensive, and similarly to Yellowstone National Park, has well placed markers along a drivable path. Rather that geysers and wildlife, the Petrified Forrest National Park boasts entire logs of petrified trees, as well as some of the most well preserved fossils in the entire world. The Petrified Forest National Park has the largest, most complete collection of petrified trees. Unlike other well preserved ecosystems from the past, the petrified trees still closely resemble what they would have looked like long ago, truly giving us a glimpse into what it was like when dinosaurs roamed the Earth. 

Founded in December 1962, The Petrified Forest National Park is one of the most diverse national parks in the whole United States. It hosts an array petrified wood, beautiful hills, a gift shop, and museum. Though small, the museum showcases a variety of exhibits, including Native American history, Old West themed cowboy artifacts, and prehistoric dinosaur bones. 

The Petrified Forest National Park is aptly named after the many petrified trees that are beautifully preserved throughout the park. These trees are unlike any other in the world, and have rightfully gained world wide attention.




The petrified trees are one of the main attractions that gives The Petrified Forest National Park its name. However, throughout the scenic drive, one might observe majestic hills, impressive plant life, and a world famous Arizona sunset. 





Though the landscape is unlike any other in the world, the park still has more to offer. Inside the park museum, visitors are able to see one of the widest varieties of prehistoric fossils, casts, and replicas. Some off these fossils are the oldest recovered in the world, and have been shared with a variety of research institutions across the globe. Due to these fossils and petrified tress, scientists and paleontologists surmised that this dry desert was once a vast wetland, saturated with heavy rains and flowing waters.



In addition to the physical attractions, The Petrified Forest National Park also hosts an extensive gift shop. Along with shot glasses, hats and tee shirts, the gift shop also has an extensive crystal shop. Most crystals are available for purchase. 



Those who love nature, history, and artifacts will have something to learn from The Petrified Forest National Park. 


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*Park Hours of Operation are currently unavailable due to Covid19


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