Ever wonder what dogs are dreaming about when their tails start thumping and their toes twitch in the middle of a deep sleep? Playing at the dog park, of course! And PETA has one of the best in the land: the Bea Arthur Dog Park, a 1-acre dog park on the water, complete with a swimming ramp, a pergola for shade and shelter, plants, and trees, right next to PETA's headquarters (501 Front St., Norfolk, VA 23510).

Named after the group's late honorary director, Bea Arthur, the park features a water station, a toy bin, a shaded picnic area, and easy access to the Elizabeth River.

501 Front St, Norfolk

Official Website (with Webcam)


  1. All dogs must be sterilized* and non-aggressive.
  2. Use this park at your own risk. There is no lifeguard on duty, and this river has a shifting tidal current that can be dangerous, especially if a ball goes out too far and/or a dog is tired. Do not let your dog swim out too far. Ball-throwers are not to be used to launch balls into the water. Also, only hand-size balls are permitted - no large balls. Watch your dog for signs of exhaustion.
  3. Please protect the river, its inhabitants, and everyone's shoes by scooping the poop. There are bags in the mailboxes for your convenience. Please be attentive because if you fail to pick up, you'll to pick out - another dog park, that is.
  4. We reserve the right to choke, pinch, or shock any visitors who put choke, pinch, or shock collars on their dogs. Buy a harness!
  5. Hitting, bullying, yelling at, and ordering dogs around are not permitted. Anger issues should be taken out on someone who doesn't love you unconditionally. Please let your dog have uncontrolled fun.
  6. Sorry, but dog guardians are legally responsible for any injuries or property damage caused by their dogs or themselves.

* Know somebody who needs "fixing"? Call 622-PETA and press 3 for information about low-cost sterilizations.

Problems? Emergencies?

Call 213-8725 to report problems in the dog park during regular business hours. For after-hours animal emergencies only, call 441-9398. Is your dog having an early-, mid-, or late-life crisis? Call 962-8255 for behavior advice.