1. Many famous people hail from Hampton Roads. A similar list organized by city can be found in Wikipedia. This page is organized by category of fame and alphabetized by first name. The Wikipedia page attempts to catalog all persons of notable achievement. This page is more of a reference to popular culture.

Historical Figures

Actors and Comedians

  • Bob Saget, Norfolk
  • Mark Ruffalo, Virginia Beach
  • Wanda Sykes, Portsmouth



  • Allen Iverson, Newport News
  • B.J. Upton, Norfolk (H.S. in Chesapeake)
  • Bruce Smith, Norfolk
  • JR Reid, Virginia Beach
  • Justin Upton, Norfolk (H.S. in Chesapeake)
  • Kam Chancellor
  • Michael Vick, Newport News
  • Ryan Zimmerman, Virginia Beach


  • John Ian Bobbitt, Newport News