Geocache Fort Monroe: Discovering

This adventure brought to you by Hampton Convention & Visitor Bureau

Rules for your Geocaching Adventure

The adventure that you are going on today will take you back in time to discover the origins of Fort Monroe and Old Point Comfort and some of the history of the Fort and the area.

So find your gps receiver and let's begin the adventure. Your coordinates are N 37.00254 W 076.30985.

Aerial of the Inner Fort at Fort Monroe

First Stop

Your first stop will take you to the location of the museum dedicated to the history of Fort Monroe.

Casemate Museum Banner

To find your next stop The old cistern was on a map created in _ _ _ _. Place the 3rd number in the blanks to find your next stop N_7.00214 W076._ 11_1.

Second Stop

Old Fort

There were two forts on this site before Ft Monroe, what was the second fort's name?

Geocache Box 01

How many four letter words, including proper names are there? Place the answer in the blanks N 37.00104 W 76.308_ _.

Third Stop

Fort Monroe and the land around it has played a key role in the history of Africans and their descendants over 400 years.

First Black Baby in Hampton

What was the first name of the first black child born in Hampton?

Geocache Box 2

Count the letters in the title and add 12 to your count N 37.00115 W 76.307_ _.

Fourth Stop

Fort Monroe sits on a peninsula that is frequently battered by storms, it became a test site for sea wall construction techniques.

Engineer Wharf Historical Marker

To determine your next stop, subtract 1730 from the year the first concrete seawall was built and fill in the blanks N 37.00_ _ _ W 076.30643.

Fifth Stop

Lighthouses have saved many sailors and lives from drowning and mayhem with their comforting beacon to guide the ships safely home.

Old Point Comfort Lighthouse and Quarters

What was the lighthouse used for during the War of 1812?

Geocache Box 3

Subtract 5 from the number of sides of the lighthouse N _7.00_94 W 76._05_ _.

Sixth Stop

Lincoln visited Fort Monroe once during the Civil War and stayed here.

Lincoln Stayed in this House at Fort Monroe

How many concrete steps are out front leading to the entrance? Add this to 26 and fill the blank N 37 .003_ _ W 076.30807.

Geocache Box 4

What is the name of this house?

Seventh Stop

At the time this was the largest artillery piece produced during the civil war.

Largest Artillery Piece of its Time

What name was it given?

Geocache Box 5

Add the last two numbers from the back of the gun to 30710 N 37 .00275 W 076 .307_ _.

Eighth Stop

Across the street from this location you will see a series of stained glassed windows and a marker on the ground, what is the name of these windows?

Stained Glassed Window

Geocache Box 6


Subtract 1057 from the year on the marker N 37 .00234 W 076 .30_ _ _.

Ninth Stop

Who Lived Across the Street from this House?

Who lived across the street from this house? The answer is on a plaque on the wall.

Geocache Box 7

Solve the Puzzle

Now it is time to solve the puzzle:

Geocache Box 8