Just like the HRVA Wiki, our "community" is wide open, and anyone can join. And there are lots of ways to get involved. You might already have ideas for new pages, or just want to learm more about the wiki, etc.  You can start by meeting the HRVA Wiki community team members in Code for Hampton Roads.

Volunteer Involvement

As the wiki grows, there are certain roles that can be filled by community members. Some will contribute content here and there, but others can take more consistent roles as planners, programmers, content specialists, editors, photographers, etc.

  • Wikivangelists -  A group of people willing to promote the wiki.
  • Administrators -  wiki editors trusted with access to restricted technical features ("tools"). 
  • HRVA Wiki Gnomes -   Wiki editors making useful incremental edits as pages are created. The Wiki Gnomes work behind the scenes, tying up little loose ends and making things run more smoothly on HRVA Wiki.
  • Photo Requests - Items that need photographs (Pending LocalWiki feature).
  • Stub Pages - We need your knowledge! (Pending LocalWiki feature)​.
  • Programmers - Enchance LocalWiki Software.
  • Marketing Development - Dedicated to building marketing efforts, so wikivangelists can look good promoting the wiki. 

  • HRVA Wiki Edit Gatherings - Organize wiki edit parties.
  • Graphic Design - Help the HRVA Wiki organizers with graphic design requests.
  • Search improvements - Help improve the wiki search ranking.
  • Newsletter - Develop a regular newsletter to release new information about the local wiki initiative.

LocalWiki Software Improvements

Wiki Resources

Discussions Areas