10 St. Bernard Street Lucretia Cassera in the 1930 Canaras Olga Odell in the 1930 Canaras Horse remedy ads nailed to the framing of 10 St. Bernard Street; found by Mary Hotaling during demolition by Cliff Cochran.

Address: 44 St. Bernard Street

Old Address: 10 St. Bernard Street

Other names: Fitch O'Brian (or O'Brien) Homestead (barn?) (1896); Miss O'Brien Boarding House (1920s), Dawson Cottage (1928), Slavin Cottage (1931), DIS; Seventh Day Adventist Church.

Year built: Drawings were made in May, 2001; church built 2001 or 2002.

Architect of the current church on the site: James W. Hotaling

Other information: The Seventh Day Adventist Church now on the site replaced the old post and beam building previously used by the church, which it resembles in mass. According to the 1895 Sanborn map, the previous building was originally a stable. This was proved when the building was torn down and discovered to be post and beam construction, with a cardboard sign nailed to the structure offering products for care of horses.

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