119 Broadway

Address: 122 Broadway

Old Address: 119 Broadway

Other names: Dobbins House, Broadway Hotel, International Hotel

Year built: 1893

119 Broadway, appears on the 1895, 1899 and 1905 Sanborn maps labelled "Dobbins House." The early street number for the address was 441.  By 1908 it had become the Broadway Hotel, run by Phil Adler. On the 1924 and 1931 maps, it is labelled "Plumber."

Plattsburgh Sentinel, September 8, 1893

Ed Dobbins' house will soon be completed, and be a great addition to the street.

Essex County Republican, October 1, 1896

The new building now being finished off next to the Dobbins House is to be used for a cigar factory.

Plattsburgh Daily Press, January 20, 1898

John Murphy, a clerk at the Dobbins House, was struck by an engine at Tupper Lake Junction, mangling his arm. Drs. Russell and Wicker being telegraphed for, found it necessary to amputate it.

Malone Farmer, July 1, 1908

WANTED—Middle-aged woman to work in hotel. For particulars apply to Phil Adler, Broadway Hotel, Saranac Lake, N. Y.

Lake Placid News, April 6, 1923Chateaugay record and Franklin County Democrat, October 25, 1912

James Collins, proprietor of the International Hotel at Saranac Lake, was a guest of Mr. and Mrs. John Fitzgerald Wednesday.

Plattsburgh Press-Republican, June 29, 1919

Bridget Murnane Collins, wife of James Collins, proprietor of the International Hotel, Saranac Lake,N. Y., died on Wednesday morning after an Illness of about six weeks.


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