12 Old Military Road

Address: 35 Old Military Road

Old Address: 12 Old Military Road

Other names: Lee Cottage (1911), Jaines Cottage (1912); DIS

Year built: 1905


Other information:

On a map of Highland Park drawn after 1911, this property is labeled "Mr. C. H. Ludington."

In the 1960's this was home to Dr. James Utterback and family. This was a well known yard since it was the "official ballfield" to most every kid in the neighborhood. Summer time baseball games were a seemingly every day event and in the fall and winter the yard saw many football games. Ask most any kid from the Park Avenue, Old Military Road, and Baker Street area who grew up in the 1960's and they will have fond memories of sometimes spending all day in this yard playing sports.

Lake Placid News, September 15, 1922


Mrs, Ethel Saltus Ludington, wife of Charles H. Ludington, vice-president and treasurer of the Curtis Publishing company of Philadelphia, died in Saranac Lake Thursday night of last week following a long illness with tuberculosis. The body was taken in a special car attached to the 9:35 train to Ardmore, Pa., where funeral services were held. Interment was at Lyme, Conn.

Mrs. Ludington came to Saranac Lake in 1919 and the couple purchased a cottage at No. 12 Old Military Road, where Mrs. Ludington died. Besides her husband she is survived by four sons. Mr. Ludington plans to dispose of his possessions in Saranac Lake and to return to Philadelphia.

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2010-07-14 13:32:54   Does the "Berry Home" reference a historical citation? I think it should refer to the Katherine McClellan Studio, which was home for many years to Mr. and Mrs. James Berry, where a sign marked "The Berry Patch" hung. —MaryHotaling