123 Lake Street, c. 1959. Courtesy of Laurie M. Deredita. 123 Lake Street Address: 256 Lake Street

Old Address: 123 Lake Street

Other names: Truman Hanmer House

Year built: At least by 1925

Other information: Guideboat builder Theodore Hanmer and his oldest son, Truman, built this house for Truman, across the street from the house of another guide, Henry Davis. Truman is recorded in the New York State census of 1925 living here with his wife, and the Village Directories list Theodore and Bessie Hanmer at this address from 1932 to 1951. Truman was not a boat builder like his father or his brother, Willard, but Theodore spent the last years of his life here and built his last guide-boat on the porch of this house (Willard brought over materials and tools from the shop at 202 Lake Street) in 1945 when he was 83. Theodore Hanmer died April 20, 1957.

123 Lake Street was purchased from the Hanmer family in 1957 by John Deredita and his wife Claire (the former Clara Louise White of Bloomingdale) and their son John. Claire Deredita lived in the house until 1991.

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