Old Address: 155 River Street

Other names:

Year built:

Other information: It was the home of Etta Anson Moody from c. 1900 through c. 1950. Benjamin O. Moody and his wife made their home with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Willard L. Utting, of 155 River street. It was across the street from the original Moody homestead at 150 River Street.

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2011-06-11 21:32:13   My Grandmother, Velma (Moody) utting, whos father is B.O. Moody, was born in this house. It was later turned over to Willard Utting's sister "Molly" I have several photos of my relatives in this house. I still remember visiting and staying over in the house. —

2011-06-12 17:21:39   Thanks for the information! If you'd be interested in sharing some of those photos on this page, email me at [email protected]. —Mwanner