15 Lake Street

Address: 192 Petrova Avenue

Old Address: 15 Lake Street

Other names: Thompson Cottage (DIS 1928)

Year built:

Other information:  In the 1940s it was the home of Dustin Kaminsky.

See also: Thompson Cottages

Dustin D. Kaminsky

Other historic properties


2010-05-16 09:00:36   I'm told that this was once a cure cottage- Is there any older pictures and or evidence to confirm? This is now been converted to affordable housing for mostly families. Thanks, Christopher Riani, Falling Leaf Properties, Inc. —

2010-05-16 15:02:35   Hi Chris, the notation above shows that the building is listed in the Disinfection Records as in use as a cure cottage in 1928. A little more poking around in the Adirondack Research Room at the Library, and you could probably find some more info. about the building! —amycatania