188 Lake StreetAddress: 365 Lake Street

Old Address: 188 Lake Street

Other names: Harry Martin House

Year built: early 1900s

Other information: This was the home of Harry K. Martin, born 1880, and possibly of his father, William A. Martin. Both were guideboat builders. William A. Martin (1849-1907) is credited as the innovator of the lightweight guide-boat, or "eggshell" as it was called. Harry continued making boats after his father's death. Harry's grandfather, William F. Martin (1824-1892), was the builder of Martin's, the first hotel on Lower Saranac Lake (1850) and the one that made Saranac Lake, its guides and boats famous among sportsmen and pleasure seekers. Interestingly, it was a health-seeker, Edward T. Krumholz, who was William A. Martin's first partner in boat-building. The Martin shop may have been what is presently the garage at 188 Lake Street.

From Building-Structure Inventory Form, Phil Gallos, 12/1/82.

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