Advertisement in the 1902 Saranac Lake Village Directory 18 Cedar Street, after tree removal, 2010 Bonne Maison, 2012 18 Cedar Street, 2009 Address: 31 Cedar Street

Old Address: 18 Cedar Street

Other names: Bonne Maison (1902), Greaves Cottage (1911), Grief Cottage (1911,) Saint Clair (1911), Powell Cottage (1928)

Year built: Before 1902

Other information: Bonne Maison ran a full-page ad with photo and description in the 1902 Saranac Lake Directory. A distinctive, Shingle style house very likely designed by an architect, it originally displayed details on the roofline similar to the Saranac Laboratory. From 1939 until his death in 1992, it was the home of longtime Saranac Lake fireman and zoning board member Carl H. Smith. All of the trees on the property were cut down in 2010, making its interesting lines much more visible.

Text of the ad in the 1902 Directory: "Bonne Maison. Beautifully located at the Foot of Mount Pisgah, overlooking the Gothics, Ampersand, Castle Rock and Saint Regis Mountains. Sanitary Conditions Throughout. Bath Rooms. Hot and Cold Water. Hot Water Heat. The House is supplied with pure mountain spring water. The grounds are large and the tables are supplied with every luxury, our own garden furnishing fresh vegetables. One-Quarter Mile From Post-Office and Churches. 1 Horse Kept for the Convenience of the House. Mrs. A. S. Wright, Propr. Terms on Application." Like the Alta Vista, this was one of the few cure cottages with a name of its own, other than that of its owner or operator.

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2010-09-03 18:30:48   It had so many trees & foliage around it, you didn't even notice how unique it is. It's beautiful. —


1. In truth, it was more than half a mile to the Post Office, and three-quarters of a mile to the nearest churches.