Address: 230 Broadway

Old Address: 191 Broadway

Other names:

This was the home of William and Eleanor Meagher from 1925 to 1954.  In 1948, it also became the home of Mrs. Edythe M. Ryan, widow of William L. Ryan of the Adirondack Greenhouses on Ampersand Avenue and Broadway.

Home of Sheila and Forrest Morgan from 1958 to 1988. Current owners Charles and Barbara Martin, 1988 to present.

Plattsburgh Daily Press, July 31, 1937


SARANAC LAKE. — Somewhere in Saranac Lake's 11 miles of sanitary sewer system is a $500 ring, the object of a several day's search by local sewer and water department officials.

A few days ago, Supt. Leo Demerse was called on the telephone by Mrs. William Meagher of 191 Broadway. She told the surprised superintendent she had inadvertently thrown a $500 diamond ring into a lavatory in her home and asked his aid in getting it back.

Demerse suggested calling a plumber to open the sewer trap in the Meagher home. After a thorough search, William Carson, the plumber, was unable to find the missing ring in the trap. He turned the matter back to Demerse with the suggestion that the nearest manhole be opened and cleaned.

At a late hour Wednesday the manhole had not yet given up its treasure. Should that search fail, workmen have still another recourse, an investigation of the sewage disposal plant. Whether this course of action will be carried out has not been determined.



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