Address: Vacant in 2011

Old Address: 17 Bloomingdale Avenue: 19 Bloomingdale Avenue

Other names: Taylor & Jackson Studebaker, Mullen's Cash Store

Year built:

19 Bloomingdale Avenue was home to the Taylor & Jackson Studebaker dealership in 1928, according to an advertisement in the program for an October 3 and 4, 1928 Odd Fellows Minstrel Show. Later it was home to Mullen's Cash Store.

There is also evidence that people cured at this address.

Cure evidence: SLD1906, TBSWC

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, April 30, 2011

... Percy Mullen ran the store with his elderly mother. The counter where you placed your groceries was in the rear, right side of the store. Percy would ring up the cost, put the money and the slip in a pneumatic tube and send it about six feet up to a room with a wide opening, directly behind him, where his mother sat and handled all the money. She would make the change and send it back to Percy in the tube. It was probably very efficient for the day but his mother was so close Percy could almost hand the money to her. Those of you who remember this store will also remember that Mrs. Mullen had a type of palsy that caused her to have an uncontrollable tremor of her head...

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