1927 Canaras Address: 44 Kiwassa Road

Old Address: 19 Riverside Drive, 19 Maple Street

Other names:

Year built: 1898

Cure Evidence: TBSWC, NYC1915, DIS

Other information: Polly Moody Philbrook sold land to Charles L. Sherrill on March 5, 1898. The house was built that year, August 1898, according to writing found on 3rd story wall during remodeling.  On February 12, 1920, Charles L. Sherrill sold to Ralph B. Leonard, of Leonard's Department Store. Leonard sold to Lyman D. Baxter on May 1, 1950. Baxter sold to Clifford V. Ammon on August 9, 1977. Ammon sold to Harold Burgher on October 14, 1981. Ellenor Burgher sold to Jerry and Thomas Michael on August 26, 2003. 


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