Address: Now a large yard with a low stone wall on the corner of Bloomingdale Avenue and Pine Street.

Old Address: 1 Pine Street

Other names: Coval Cottage (1911), Fountain Cottage (1911), Karmany Cottage (1911), Markloff Cottage (1928), Endicott-Johnson Cottage (1930), Margaret Gutshaw (1949)

Year built:

This cottage is shown in a brochure published by the Endicott-Johnson Company, who benevolently provided for their tuberculous employees there, as well as in other cottages in the village.

Adirondack Observer, June 11, 1948; reprinted in the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 30, 2017 by Howard Riley

GUTSHOW--Joseph Wells of Hampton has been visiting his aunt, Mrs. Joseph Hazen. Dorothy Bogart was delighted to have her family visit her from Granville over the weekend.

Adirondack Daily Enterprise, January 27, 2018

Howard Riley writes about two men who opened a bar called the "Top Hat" in the basement of the Potter Block. "The bar was opened by Mike Volk and Abe Labas from Granville who had arrived in Saranac Lake as tuberculosis patients and cured at 1 Pine Street which was owned and operated by Margaret Gutshow and her son, John. We then lived at 5 Pine St. and I carried trays there so I knew Mike and Abe."