1 Virginia Street 1932 Canaras: Isabel Lawrence; "Izzy"; 1 Virginia Street; Refreshment Committee (1, 2); Junior Prom Refreshment; Canaras (3, 4); Girls' Glee Club (1, 2, 3). Margaret Lawrence in the 1930 Canaras. Address: 77 Virginia Street

Old Address: 1 Virginia Street

Other names: Kelsey Cottage (1912), Lawrence Cottage (1930), Mrs. Fobare Cottage (1945)

Year built:

Other information: This was the home of Leo Fobare and Forbare and Sons Plumbing and Heating from 1945. Later the plumbing firm operated from the newer garage building behind the house (partially seen on the right in the photo) with an address on James Street.

It was the home of William and Josephine Lawrence from 1925 through 1936.


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