Walter Peightal lived at 20 Church Street at the time of his death,Adirondack Enterprise, February 4, 1915, decorated for the 1915 Winter Carnival Dr. Trembley's house, decorated for Winter Carnival Address: 60 Church Street

Old Address: 20 Church Street

Other names: Presently the DeChantal Apartments

Year built: Before 1903 (Sanborn Maps)

Other information: Once the site of the home and office of Dr. Charles Trembley.

Other doctors who practiced with Dr. Trembley were Charles H. Haskins (1933-1939), Edward Welles (1939-54), J. L. Griswold (X-ray lab, 1945-1954), Gerard H. Cox (1948-1950), Francis X. Ipolyi (1954). Information is from village directories, and is decidedly incomplete.

The house was built by guide Tom Peacock. From 1962, the house appears to have been converted to apartments, as three or four residents are listed at this address in each directory. By 1972, the house had been razed to make way for the DeChantal Apartments.

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