20 Baker Street Irene Fraleigh in the 1926 Canaras

Address: 41 Baker Street

Old Address: 20 Baker Street

Other names: Keinachan (Kernachan?) Cottage

Year built: before 1928 DIS

Other information: This was the home of H.A. Shatraw in 1945, of George LaPan from 1948 to 1954, and of Jim Clark and his wife, Winnie, beginning in 1955 thru 1984 and then John and Tina Clark.

Other historic properties


2010-02-01 15:23:53   Beginning in 1955 this was the home of Jim and Winnie Clark and their family. The home stayed in the Clark family for over 30 years. The yard was a gathering spot for many kids through the 1960's and 1970's for summer time baseball games and winter time sliding on the mini bob run. The Clarks purchased the home from the well known Saranac Lake businessman, George LaPan. —

2010-02-01 21:11:59   I believe Jim Clark was the son of Herb Clark, who guided Bob and George Marshall as they became the first 46ers. Jim Clark sold insurance. —MaryHotaling

2011-11-08 13:02:57   The LaPan family held an annual fair in the yard, called "The Baker Street Fair" to raise money for different community organizations. One year they raised over $27. —amycatania