20 Woodruff Street

Address: 27 Woodruff Street

Old Address: 20 Woodruff Street

Other names: Thomas P. Ward Insurance

Year built:

Other information: Sam Murphy & Company, "furniture and house furnishings", was located here in 1923 according to an advertisement in the Lake Placid News.

The morgue of James A. Fortune & Company, Funeral Directors, was located at 20 Woodruff Street according to an advertisement in the program for the St. Bernard's Club's Minstrel Review, circa 1930. They offered "Automobile Equipment, Day and Night Service." The Currier Funeral Service was located here in 1953 according to an advertisement in the July 24 Adirondack Daily Enterprise.

Other historic properties


2010-09-11 13:39:58   According to a wiki post, the Saranac Lake Supply was, at one time, located at 20 Woodruff St. I don't recall it at this location. —