Address: 245 Broadway

Old Address: Broadway

Other names: Greenough Cottage (1911), McDonald Cottage (1929); DIS

Year built: 1895

Other information: Charles Greenough & Ida Belle Isham Greenough built their first cottage near Ampersand Bay, 1888 to 1889. The Plattsburgh Sentinel reported in October 1889 that the Greenoughs moved into their new cottage. See Charles Greenough Cottage. According to a series of newspaper clippings (posted under Charles Greenough) they moved away, later returned, and built their second house on Broadway in 1895. It's not certain what the Broadway house looked like. The house was sold to the Cohen brothers by George Greenough after his father's death; the Cohen's subsequently demolished the house. 1

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2010-03-09 22:21:00   This was my Grandfather house [Charles and Ida Belle Greenough] I hope this picture shows up of them in front of it

2010-03-09 22:49:24   I was able to see your download of the clipping, and am glad to verify that there is still a Greenough house near Ampersand Bay! Greenleaf ("Greenie") and Creta Chase lived there for many years. Mary Hotaling —

2010-03-10 21:29:44   I'm doing family history and found many newspaper clippings about his life at Saranac Lake. I was raised on Long Island. Left NY in 1957. I have lived in the mountains of NW Arkansas since then. I have located his grave site in the Riverside Cemetery, Plattsburg. I am planing to make a trip to Saranac Lake mid Sept this year. Would there be a picture of the house, or a address. I have old pictures of them in front of a house. —

2010-03-10 22:10:59   Mary. I have many newpaper clippings about there lives. I am having a hard time posting them. Is there a email address I could post them to. That I can do. Bob Greenough —

2010-03-11 09:48:32   Hi Bob — Please feel free to email me any photos and I will post them for you. Thanks! — Amy Catania [email protected] —

2010-03-11 11:13:30   As for a current photo, I'll see if I can locate the house and put a photo on this page. —Mwanner

2010-03-11 21:04:08   Any, I tried your email address and get message saying [no default mail client] —

2010-03-11 21:17:09   Bob, try typing my email address in rather than clicking on it. My address is: [email protected]amycatania

2010-03-11 21:32:55   It says can't find address —

2010-03-18 21:30:58   To Greenough descendant, Bob: (We don't seem to be able to download the photo you mentioned on March 9.) Thanks to all the brief clippings Marc has posted today, there seem to have been two Greenough Cottages, the first one near the Ampersand Hotel, built in 1889, and the second one on Broadway, built when they came back to Saranac Lake after time away (in about 1895, if I remember correctly). That must be why the house photo is misidentified as being on Broadway — it's the first house!— Mary —

2010-03-18 21:37:07   One of the clippings said the Greenoughs' second house was near the railroad station. That would have been the later New York Central station on the west side of Broadway; it was a business called Big D when in burned down in the late 1970s or early '80s. It seems to have been across the street, on the east side, somewhere near today's Aubuchon Hardware. The Cohens' business — I'm told — was in the triangle bounded today by Broadway, Cedar Street and the railroad tracks. — Mary —


1. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, March 26, 1971