Boyce and Roberson, (Barbara Parnass, c. 1984, Historic Saranac Lake Collection.)George BurnsBoyce and Roberson, Historic Saranac Lake Collection. Address: 29 Woodruff Street

Old Address: 22 Woodruff Street

Other names: Gilmore Cottage (1912), Roberson Cottage (1928), Conlin Cottage (1931); DIS

Year built:

Other information: The sign reads, "Boyce & Roberson, Coal & Wood." This building was evidently the offices of the large firm. They also owned the building just across Church Street, and operated a coal and wood storage yard near the New York Central railroad station between Mills Avenue and St. Lawrence Avenue (Sanborn Maps, 1924 and 1931).Boyce and Roberson, 2012, Historic Saranac Lake Collection.

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