24 Helen Street 24 Helen Street Address: 51 Helen Street

Old Address: 24 Helen Street

Other names: Daigneau Cottage (1911), Mrs. W.G. Mussen (1920s), Hinwood Cottage (1928), J. Crowley Cottage (1930), Hamer (1930); DIS. An early, but undated, map (probably circa 1911 or later) shows number 24 Helen Street noted as "Daigneau."

Year built:

Other information: According to the 1916 TB Directory, the Daigneau Cottage, run by Miss Daigneau, had room for seven patients, had two cure porches and charged $13-25 per week.

There was another Daigneau Cottage at 48 Helen Street.

The village directories list Arthur Daigneau as residing here from 1933 to 1954; from 1962 to 1969, Helen Donnelly is listed as resident.

From the NRHP form: This two story eaves-front Colonial Revival-style dwelling of wood-frame construction has two recessed hipped-roof dormers on the Helen Street side and two story full-width porches on each end which have been partially enclosed. Symmetrical façade; small entry porch flanked by paired windows on both levels. Vinyl siding, mostly vinyl windows, and wood windows corresponding with the porches; asphalt roof.  The overall massing, form and fenestration pattern remain intact. 

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