15 St. Bernard Street Virginia Cole in the 1930 Canaras.

Address: 15 St. Bernard Street

Old Address: 25 St. Bernard Street

Other names:

Year built:

25 St. Bernard Street is the Methodist parsonage. It was built on the corner where the First Methodist church is now, and was moved to the present site when the church was built. The gable end to the right is the street side of the building now.

Rev. Lionel R. Driscoll lived here, as did Rev. Norman M. Moss.

The map of Saranac Lake in the 1876 D. O. Beers Atlas (see Saranac Lake Village, 1876 and 1906) shows a previous "Methodist Parsonage" on the east side of what is now Broadway, below the Berkeley Hotel and on the far side of the river. This must have been the house built in 1874, and referred to in the following (see First United Methodist Church for the whole article:

"In 1874 a house for the parsonage was completed. Mr. Spoor, the man sent that year, describes the house as being 'without doorsteps or piazza and surrounded by old logs, brush and boulders so that it was difficult to approach it with a team. The lower part of the house was partly furnished and two rooms were papered. The cellar walls were unfinished, and there was water on the floor. The bedrooms unfinished and unpainted had no doors. There was no barn on the premises to accommodate my horse.' With the help of the men in the congregation, Mr. Spoor succeeded in making the house liveable and built a barn. The women of the church held 'sociables' to raise money for supplies. Mr. Spoor's successor, Mr. Coons, continued his work. . . .

"In the summer of 1888, the old parsonage at Saranac Lake was sold, and a piece of land was bought for the new one. The new parsonage was completed in the summer of 1889 and was built on the present site of where the stone church stands."

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