30 Shepard Avenue, Historic Saranac Lake Collection. 

Address: 90 Shepard Avenue

Old Address: 30 Shepard Avenue

Other names: Morse Cottage (1912), Dodds cottage (1913), Cane Cottage (1923), Weimar Cottage (1928), Huntington Cottage (1931); DIS. An early, but undated, map (probably circa 1911 or later) shows number 30 Shepard Avenue noted as "Nourse," which may refer to the same owner as the more common name "Morse" in 1912, one or the other being a typographical error.

Year built: 1908 or earlier (Sanborn maps)

Other information: In 1969, it was occupied by Frank Scinto, his wife, and daughter Ethelyne Scinto, who was training to be a nurse. 1

Other historic properties


2011-07-17 11:46:12   On July 20, 2011, there is a walking tour from HSL to this Cure Cottage as it was used for the setting in "Mountain Shadows." After the tour, participants will enjoy a bag lunch and talk by the author, Patricia Reiss Brooks. —


1. Adirondack Daily Enterprise, September 21, 1960